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Any customer has the right to revoke his / her contractual statement within 2 weeks, in writing (e.g. letter, fax e-Mail) or by returning the goods without stating reasons. The period begins at the earliest with the receipt of the goods at the customer´s and he / she has received in writing (e.g. letter, fax e-Mail) an additionally issued instruction for the right of withdrawal. For securing this period the timely posting of the withdrawal or the goods is sufficient. Withdrawal resp. Return Shipment of goods have to be addressed to:

Micro-Tools Europe GmbH

Bergstrasse 7

48607 Ochtrup


Telephone: + 49 (0)2553 977 774

Fax: + 49 (0)2553 977 775

Email: mte@micro-tools.com

Withdrawal Consequences In case of an effective withdrawal already received benefits have to be returned. Can the customer not or not fully or only in worse conditions return the received benefits he has to refund in that respect. When having received goods, this does not apply if: the worsening (or the demise) of the goods is due solely to the inspection - as it would have been possible in a shop - or the worsening of the goods has occured during the normal putting into use process. Goods suitable to be shipped in a package have to be return-shipped, wherein the seller bears the risk of this shipment. The return shipment is free of charge for the customer. The sender meets the costs of the initial shipment.