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Guillotine Shear, 6' by Pepetools

Artikelnummer: 196.90N
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Pepetools is proud to announce a new addition to the Designer Series of guillotine shears. Similar to the best selling 4" guillotine shear, this unit is a versatile workhorse at an excellent value.

Thanks to innovative features and an intuitive design, this shear is a pleasure to use. Unlike other horizontal style units available on the market, the Pepetools 6" Shear features a perpendicular handle that allows the operator to maintain full control of the cutting process. In addition to the perpendicular handle, the unit also features a large 10" x 7" feeder table that doubles as a miter box. The miter box is laser engraved with lines to indicate when the included straight edge is at 0°, 15°, 30°, or 45°.

The blades are the heart of the machine, 6.25" in length allowing full 6" sheets to be cut. Each blade is manufactured from high grade tool steel, afterwards it is heat treated to 45-50HRC. Heat treatment is necessary to harden the material, ensuring a lifetime of use. The stationary blade is sharpened to correspond with the compound angle ground into the moving blade. Our proprietary method produces a set of blades that are good for up to 10,000 cuts.

On the receiving side of the unit there is a material stop. This stop can be adjusted to cut from as little as 1MM all the way up to 6" (152MM). The stop can be adjusted to ensure repeated cuts of consistent length.

  • A2 tool steel blade, hardened and ground to 65HRC with a compound angle to increase torque while providing the cleanest cut on the market
  • 6" wide blade, allows for sheet up to 6" in width to be cut.
  • Repeatable adjustable backstop to cut consistent material lengths, perfect for forming cuffs, bangles, bracelets, and more.
  • Small footprint, machined from solid carbon steel and mounted on an aircraft quality aluminum base.
  • Black oxide finish, laser engraved miter table, and self lubricating o-lite bushings make for a tool that will last a lifetime.

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