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Guillotine Shear, 4' by Pepetools

Artikelnummer: 196.70N
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Unlike other cutters of this type, the Pepetools unit unique design allows it to be operated from standing on the side and not on the front side of the guillotine. This has been designed in this manner simply with the thought of the safety for the operator. Once all measurements have been made, slide the material into the cutting surface and pull cutting blade handle down. Please note that if the cut is narrow, ½ inch or less, the narrow piece may have a very slight twist. This is due to the scissor action of the cutting blades. Blades are designed to cut 10,000 times before sharpening may be required.

This new guillotine features a miter table. To cut your sheet on an angle simply loosen the two wing nuts on the guide bar and line it up with one of the three other angles scribed into the table and retighten. This unit will include miter guides necessary for clearance when cutting angles. Simply place the guides along the mounted guide bar and insure that the piece you are cutting can pass under the blade unimpeded. The maximum cut for a 45 degree cut is approximately 2 inches

  • A2 tool steel sharpened blades.
  • Unique measuring feature, precisely cut to length.
  • Mounting holes to mount to bench.
  • Cuts up to 20 gauge for gold, silver and copper only.
  • Machined and plated steel and aluminum components.
  • Miter table to cut 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° angle blanks consistently.

Manufactured in USA


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