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Solder Pick, Platinum by Pepetools

Artikelnummer: 300.PL
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This great new innovation by Pepetools will help make soldering platinum easier than ever. The long, rigid Tungsten Carbide tip comes to a sharp point thanks to an intricate and precise grinding process. The innovation doesn't stop with the tip, the machined aluminum handle is strategically engineered to dissipate the heat and keep your hand cool during soldering or welding processes.

Exclusive features of this product include:

  • Tip Melting Point - 5,045 °F (2,785 °C)
  • Tip Operating Length - 2.5"
  • Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum - Yellow Anodized
  • Ergonomic Handle Design - .4" Diameter with 4.5" of working length
  • Overall size of assembled Carbide Pick - 7"

This pick has been tested to withstand direct contact of a flame produced be an acetylene torch for over 5 minutes. During direct contact of heat to the carbide tip, the user will feel no residual heat on their hand.

Recommended use: for platinum soldering/welding or other high temperature alloy - including but not limited to glass making.

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